Power Plants

Celin offers a wide range of solutions in the field of power generation and distribution aimed at improving and making technological systems more efficient:

CET SUD Turbine IV + REH repairs 2021
ENEL Design DDE and AS BUILT - Installation of container and hybrid module in Cernavoda Station 2020
CET GROZAVESTI Modernization of the combustion installations of the boiler no.1 of the Grozăvești ETC in order to comply with the environmental requirements in force 2020
CET CRAIOVA II Design works for the work "Elaboration of the steam pressure and temperature regulation documentation for the TA1 and TA2 150MW labyrinths of CET CRAIOVA II" 2020
CET BUCURESTI SUD Electrical and automation design 2020
S.C. CET GOVORA S.A. Design works-Study on the analysis of the operating regimes and on the verification of the safety in operation of the general services station 6kV-SG2 2019
S.C. CET GOVORA S.A. Design and technical assistance services for the work "Modernization of the electrical dedusting installations for boilers no.5 and 6 of CET GOVORA, in order to increase the dedusting performance to max.48mg/Nm3 at the outlet of the 6/0.4kV electrofilters-station and electrical lighting and fire extinguishing installations" 2019
IRAQ Rehabilitation of power plant No. 3 330MW power plant AL MUSSAID 2019
HIDROELECTRICA S.A. Technical documentation for the execution of low voltage electrical and automation panels for CHE FRUNZARU 2018
THERMOELECTRIC POWER PLANT ROVINARI Engineering and design works necessary for the LN 4 repair of the electrofilters of block no.4 (CTE ROVINARI) 2018
NISSAN FACTORY Electrical and automation installations for the paint shop 2018
IRAQ Rehabilitation of electrical and automation installations ECLUZA BARAJ EUFRAT 2017
GRIVITA THERMOELECTRIC POWER PLANT Execution/modernization of electrical installations, including energy evacuation circuits in the M.T. and PIF station according to the specifications of the Grivita CET and the tenders attached to the contract for:Objective A-T/G AKP 6MW Grivita CET; Objective B-T/G AKL 5.4MW Grivita CET 2017
S.C. UZINA TERMOELECTRICA MIDIA S.A. Technical project-Automation of the installation for the production and supply of thermal energy in the form of hot water in UT Midia 2017
HIDROELECTRICA S.A. Design works for "C.H.E. Movileni.Mechanical and electrical equipment and installations.Design, procurement, assembly" 2016
HIDROELECTRICA S.A. Elaboration of the "As Built" phase documentation related to the equipment: 0.4kV CHE MOVILENI dam station - 220Vdc CHE MOVILENI dam station 2016
GRIVITA THERMOELECTRIC POWER PLANT TG1-6MW turbogenerator modernization and TG2-5.5MW turbogenerator extension at CET Grivita 2016
ELECTROCENTRALE S.A. Electrical and automation installations for "Repair of cooling pumps condensers group no.8 of 315MW-SS.E. Isalnita" 2015
CET PALAS Quantitative and qualitative wastewater monitoring system in CET Palas 2015
HIDROELECTRICA S.A. Design services related to ABB supply at CHE Movileni 2015
CERNAVODA NUCLEAR POWER PLANT Design services and preparation of the supporting documentation for the authorizations, permits and agreements required for the location and construction of the C.NE. heavy water disposal plant. CERNAVODA as well as technical assistance for obtaining permits, agreements and authorizations 2014