Oil & Gas

Our aim is to offer the customer a complete solution and to provide the experience gained from projects in the Oil and Gas sector:

MILITARY UNIT Otopeni 2 fuel-lubricant facilities insurance for AGSR aircraft 2021
MILITARY UNIT Otopeni 1 fuel-lubricant facilities insurance for aircraft AGSR 2021
HONEYWELL ROMANIA S.R.L. HONEYWELL/OMV Petrom: ROE11CG422 Brazi_DCS & BMS systems for RC unit 2015
PETROMIDIA S.A. Elaboration of the electrical installation design documents for the realization of a sulphur recovery and waste gas treatment plant (SRU&TGT) in the Beneficiary’s Refinery 2015
S.C. SIEMENS S.R.L. Elaboration of the technical documentation necessary for the execution of the work Electrical equipment for the modernization of the 110/20/6.3kV Portile de Fier II (Ostrovu Mare) station 2014
STEAUA ROMANA CAMPINA REFINERY Design works – Low voltage distribution panel and equipping of medium voltage cells for CRUDE OIL UNLOADING STATION PROJECT 2014
STEAUA ROMANA CAMPINA REFINERY Diesel hydrosulphurization plant and industrial oil hydrofinery at Steaua Romana Campina Refinery 2014
INSA OIL BULGARIA Electrical installations for “HDS installation at INSA Oil Bulgaria” 2013
PETROM S.A. Management subsystem for new energy installations (TPD-3 and TDU) to be installed on drilling platforms OPF6 and OPF7. 2013